So you’ve been hearing about Freedom Breakthrough and been wondering what’s all the hype about this freedom breakthrough course….

I’m here to tell you Freedom Breakthrough is a course created by a 6 figure earner, Jonathan Montoya.

Jonathan was an engineer working his 9-5 job, expanded his family, and decided he wanted time at home with the newest addition.

He started his journey to make money online, quit his job and started teaching others how to do the same thing.

The Freedom Breakthrough course by Jonathan Montoya is the exact framework he used to leave his 9-5 job.

In the course he teaches you how to locate products and services that’ll give you a commission, without you having to sell or ship a thing.

There really aren’t many things that beat receiving an email notification letting you know “you received $500 in commission”

Jonathan breaks down the exact method of how you can start receiving high ticket commissions on a regular basis.

He lets you watch over his shoulder as he clicks, connects, and shows you where to access the tools you need to get your business up and running in just 3 days.

Freedom Breakthrough is designed as a 3 day challenge with additional support offered by Jonathan via his facebook group.

It’s a combination training course + inner circle community that arms you with the knowledge to start earning high ticket affiliate commissions right away.
In addition, Jonathan runs additional challenges from his group to help you generate traffic.

In this Freedom Breakthrough review, I’m going to share with you what the training is all about and why it’s going to be an essential part of my affiliate marketing tool kit moving forward.

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Here’s What I’m Going To Cover For You

  • What is Freedom Breakthrough 3 Day Challenge?
  • Why I joined Freedom Breakthrough Challenge
  • What do I like most about the 3 Day Challenge?
  • Is the Breakthrough Challenge the right fit for you?
  • 3 Day Challenge Pricing
  • Final Verdict

I’m also offering some awesome Freedom Breakthrough bonuses for everyone that purchases the training through my link, I’ll leave them at the bottom of the review so you can easily locate them.

What is the Freedom Breakthrough 3 Day Challenge?

I’ve been following Jonathan for a while now, he’s someone I’ve watch jump in with both feet and pour his energy into those that follow him.

First of all, the guy gets results and is committed to devoting his energy into helping you get the same results……can we say transparency, he leaves no secrets held back.

In the few months, he quit his 9-5 job and received his plaque from Legendary Marketer Platinum affiliate (earning $100k+ in commissions).

Legendary Marketer invited him to speak and have since formulated it as part of their 15 second leads training.

Jonathan is here to stay, he’s developed more than just a trick here or there, or some fly by night strategy. He’s honed his skills in many areas over multiple channels including, Tiktok, YouTube, email marketing, paid ads, and Facebook.

Honestly, if you only have time to do a few simple things today, just start by joining his free Facebook group and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Those two action items you just did will level up your skills in the marketing world and let you see the free value that he’s been lovingly pouring out daily.

So what is the Freedom Breakthrough 3 Day Challenge?

The 3 Day challenge is an exclusive training program that focuses on teaching you how to make high ticket affiliate sales using an array of traffic sources. The main sources are Tiktok and Youtube

There are 3 main components to the 3 Day Challenge.

First, there’s the membership training portal that teaches Jonathans exact steps for making these high ticket sales(he even shares his screen with you as he builds out his business).

At the time of this review, there are 14 modules that are broken down into bite-sized, video lessons….as well as 5 bonus sections that give you a further behind the scene look.

(I don’t know about you, but I sure like the short facts that can be easily digested)

Next to complement the course, comes the tiktok challenge to help you drive traffic and grow in the online space.

Jonathan goes live daily from his group to give you a break down of tips, and strategies you can use to get the upper edge on your Tiktok account.

This is your opportunity to get live, personal help with any questions you may be having.  These calls usually last around 30 minutes, and can be extremely useful in generating revenue. I personally enjoy listening to Jonathan give audits on others accounts and applying the knowledge to my own.

And lastly, there’s the private FB group community. The group is not like others I’ve been part of, this one has Jonathan (not an assistant) in there helping people, answering questions, doing lives, and engaging with us daily.
It really is one of the most supportive places you can head to find answers or new ideas to help you grow.

What’s The Freedom Breakthrough Course Really All About?

The training itself is all about giving you a complete sales process to sell high ticket affiliate products and earning big affiliate commissions.

Its main focus is on helping you get your business up and running in 3 days, so you can start making money via the free traffic methods.

When you have completed the whole training, you will be equipped with the mindset, skills, strategies, and frameworks to promote any affiliate product you want.  

The one thing that’s given me the most value so far?

It’s probably the only course I’ve ever taken that’s provided support via free traffic challenges. The challenges are fun, their done with others doing the same tasks, and jonathan is live daily to offer tips.

Following the challenge that was created for the Tiktok platform was easy, generated 1000s of followers, expanded my email list by 1000+ and resulted in real buyers….enough to put me on the challenge leaderboard.

The challenge requires you post two small clips each day and share the clips url with the fb group.
Next you like and comment on 3 people’s urls to support the growth of fellow marketers.

The steps to creating the clips are outlined each morning during the audits of different accounts that fellow marketers put forward. Jonathan answers questions and critique Tiktok accounts for 10 days, which is a great learning and growth opportunity.

Why I joined the Freedom Breakthrough Course

I almost didn’t join the Freedom Breakthrough Course.

I at first glance wasn’t sure that I needed a $7 affiliate marketing course, this was the 3 day challenge

For some reason, I thought it would be similar to Legendary Marketer by Dave Sharpe. I had done his 15 day challenge and had no interest in doing another foundational basics of affiliate marketing.

But then I noticed that there would be a free Tiktok challenge for those who are enrolled in the 3 day freedom challenge.

I knew the power of Tiktok, and knew Jonathan’s teaching style, and figured this would be a great opportunity to master a new free traffic source and grow quickly.

I’m so glad I jumped in when I did, the training was much more in depth, over the shoulder, view of Jonathan walking step by step as he clicks, points, explains and connects an affiliate product, builds a bridge page, connects an autoresponder and then shows you how to create an email sequence.

It’s perfect for those who question their tech abilities…..or just flat out break anything they touch (I’m including myself in the last portion)

I also really like that you can access the 3 days of training, and view a list of all the modules so you know exactly the content themes available if you choose to upgrade.

Upgrading is made easy, clicking the module that you’d like to view, a locked content button appears with a link to click to take you to the upgrade page.

What I like most about the 3 day challenge?

I know first hand how lucrative high ticket affiliate marketing can be.

Which is what made the 3 day challenge so exciting for me to consume.

The course allowed me master a completely new traffic source to gain leads, and buyers. Not only that but it’s a repeatable, proven sales process that works.  

I also believe that any time you take a course you’re actually paying for the hidden gems. The little hacks, resources, tools that the course creator uses.

In this case I wanted to know what additional nuggets Jonathan had up his sleeve that were allowing him to get the edge that allowed him to quit his job in just 9 months.

Is the Breakthrough Challenge the right fit for you?

With that being said, the Breakthrough Challenge is not perfect for everyone.

To really figure out if it is for you, start by answering the following two questions:

  1. Do I enjoy learning new ways to get traffic to my offers?
  2. Am I okay with being on camera?

If your answer to the question is “no” then answer this last question:

“Am I 100% committed to real change by trying something that really works?”

If you can honestly answer “yes” to this last question, then I’m confident that you will also do well with by joining the Breakthrough Challenge.

The beauty of manner in which Jonathan has put together this course, is that any action taker can succeed with it.

So many members of the FB private community are getting their first commissions and high ticket ones too.

It’s a great opportunity to take a $7 product and get a $450 return on it.

You don’t need any special technical skills and all that you need to put in is your time.

I really think it’s valuable that Jonathan eliminates any fear of
-not having experience,
-not having a following,
-not having time
-and not being techie

Jonathan has a unique way of quieting the fears and leading, which shines through in his course.

That’s why complete beginners, all the way to super affiliates, are getting results with this product.

Jonathan, on day 2 walks you through an hour long training on how to set your business up from scratch. Showing you exactly where to click and find products.

At the end of day 2, he shows you how you can import his funnel he’s currently using to make commissions of your very own.

3 Day Challenge Pricing

When I joined the 3 day challenge, the price was $7.

With the option to upgrade to the Freedom Breakthrough course at $997

However, I’m unsure how long the course will remain at this current pricing.

I have seen courses increase pricing as members start seeing results.

But now, there are two ways to participate in the 3 day challenge.

The first is to sign up for the $7 Freedom breakthrough course and the second is to purchase the $997 course with all the modules open for your enhanced learning.

You can only participate in the 10 day Tiktok challenge if you have a link to the 3 day course.

Final Verdict

I’m really happy with the results I got while doing the challenges. I wouldn’t have made the leaderboard if I didn’t follow Jonathans proven system

You really can’t help but succeed if you follow the steps that Jonathan paves with you.

Really all that’s needed is a few hours to watch the videos and a few hours to put the Tiktok content out.

It really is genius how the traffic and promoting your link works

If you are ready to buy right now, use this direct checkout link to join.  This skips you through the application process and gets you in right away.  This also gets you immediate access to my 3 Day Challenge bonuses which are going to kickstart your Freedom Breakthrough results.

But if you are still on the fence, reach out to me on Facebook messenger and I will be happy to chat with you about whether you are a good fit for the program.

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